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Custom Web Applications

I have created numerous custom web solutions for our clients that solve a variety of their needs. Let me know what you need to solve or accomplish and I will come up with the ideal solution for you using a mix of available solutions and custom programming.

Expert in Microsoft ASP.Net based web applications using the SQL Server databases with complex functionality and workflows. Some examples of web applications are listed below but the bottom line is that nothing is impossible.

Web Application Samples

Social Intranet: A internal social network was created to allow the client to promote information sharing and networking within their company. Employees are able to upload photos and maintain their profile and interest information to share with their co-workers and management is able to make employees aware of important initiatives and get feedback and suggestions on how to make their company do better for their employees and clients.

Custom Image Repository: The client had thousands of images from global offices that were impossible to share effectively with their employees for use in presentations and marketing. Created a secure employee only image repository that allows the global workforce to quickly find images they need. The client is secure in the knowledge that the images used by any employee for any purpose are approved by the company and based on the search history they can find out over time what new images will be useful to add to the repository.

Online Health Survey Platform: The client had a requirement to have various grantees fill out standard health surveys over time to track the effectiveness of certain health initiatives. The custom web survey solution allows the client to manage the surveys and reports to streamline their operations.