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Content Management System(CMS)

A Content Management System or CMS provides a secure and easy to use web based interface to manage your website content on your own.

I provide a CMS tailored specifically to the needs of your website. Using the secure login based CMS you can manage your website content like the text, images, videos, documents, articles, press releases and everything else that makes sense for you to manage yourself in a extremely simple and user friendly web interface.

Why a Custom CMS

There are a quite a few off the shelf CMS products that are used by many web developers but based on my experience these off the shelf products are so generic that they are not user friendly and in many cases your website will be designed keeping in mind the capabilities of the CMS and not what you need for your website. I prefer to build the CMS around your website and not the other way around.

Instead of forcing a generic CMS product on your website I believe in working with you to figure out exactly what you need to manage your website. Contact me today to arrange a demo of our CMS capabilities and I can show you examples of simple but powerful CMS solutions I have provided to fit clients website needs.

CEO friendly CMS

You should not have to hire a web developer to maintain your website to add text and images and press releases to it. Believe it or not some clients have paid me to manage their websites that have been built using WordPress, Joomla and Plone CMS because they cannot do it themselves. My CMS solution is extremely easy to use and with almost no training at all anyone from your company, even your CEO, will be able to manage the website content easily.

CMS Features

  • Organize your Page hierachy by moving your pages around and adding editing and deleting pages as you please.
  • Page editing fields customized to the design of your site so it is easy to update various areas of the page easily without having to know html and tables and styles. The page editor will be customized to your page design.
  • Full control over the page meta tags for SEO.
  • Easily manage images and other media elements.
  • Easily manage press releases and new articles.
  • Photo Galleries and Rotating Images
  • Home page splash popup content with scheduling
  • Contact submissions management
  • Secure login based with multiple administrative roles to segment your site management across different people based on your specific needs
  • Fully customizable and custom administrative pages based on your website will be created to make sure you can manage your website content with the least amount of effort.